Quality system

In addition to the ISO 9001 quality certification obtained in 1996 we can ensure and guarantee the suitability of the finished product thanks to the continuous monitoring of the production system with tests on the raw material as well as of the product during the manufacturing process.


The Company believes strongly in the people who work with it. For this reason we take the utmost care in ensuring the safety of our workers during all the stages of production.

Production process

the controls during the production process, the cleanliness of the units and the HACCP standard, are fundamental for a Company that services sectors such as the food and pharmaceutical industries. With this strong conviction, MG has been certified by the FDA since 2008 and the UNI EN ISO 22000 from 2005 to 2010.



Contacts network

We are constantly investing in the quality and efficiency of our commercial relationships in Italy as well as abroad.

Customer care

The relationship with our clients has always represented for us an additional stimulus and motivation. Today we are able to satisfy our clients’ requests within 24 hours, thanks to our intensive storage facility for delivery on demand and the use of our own means of transport in the North and Centre of Italy, as well as the use of reliable couriers covering the whole of Europe.

Control and sampling plans:

  • General: its efficacy has been proven in the field for years, periodically checked and updated.
  • Special: Carried out jointly with the client with the possibility of defining the product properties to be controlled, the frequency and the relevant tests.
  • Flame resistance test (UL).

Automated line controls of:

  • Thickness/weight
  • Film quality

Use of statistical techniques for:

  • Acceptance control (SQC)
  • Process control (SPC)

Analytical capacity and advanced scientific analysis of quality problems (failure analysis, root-analysis and optimization of the product).



QMS, FDA, ecc.