Films for Flexible Packaging






In the pet food market, the evolution of the product is also reflected in our films for packaging.

The selection is vast:

  • PE-based sealing film, more durable and lighter, to produce flexible laminates for the manufacture of large and medium size square bottom bags for dry foods.
  • PP-based barrier and non-barrier sealing films, to produce laminates for the manufacture of sterilizable stand-up pouches for moist foods.
  • Excellent performance in terms of strength and integrity of the packaging after sterilization.
  • In general, a smaller incidence of off-flavor, with better results in the cat / dog-test.




In the beverage market the search for high performance and attractive looking packaging is an ongoing process.

The films produced by our Company are used as sealers for the lamination in the production of secure containers for liquid products, such as the doy-pack, cheer-pack and stand-up bags.

We produce films designed for contact with food products (CE and FDA), guaranteeing stronger seals as well as a higher resistance to accidental dropping with a higher mechanical rigidity.




Adequate barrier films can guarantee better results at the time of disposal of the multi-layered structures, as well as a better transparency and lighter weight of the final packaging.

Barrier films for food, medical
and technical product packaging.

Solutions with a gas barrier, to ensure a reliable protection against the absorption of moisture and the penetration of oxygen, light, external odours and the loss of taste of the product, thus extending its shelf-life.

Multi-layer films with up to 11 layers with EVOH, PA and new barrier materials.

When a superior performance is required nanomaterials are used as active barriers.